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Character Interview w/ Jonathan Jukes

So, JJ it is noticeable throughout your book Hands of Evil, that you have a lot of training in the military. How did you come to obtain your military background?

My best friend, Andrew Butcher (Butch), persuaded me to sign up. We were pretty wild when we were kids, got ourselves into quite a few scrapes, so I think it was the only option. That discipline, you know, the sense of purpose. I would have followed him anywhere, but I’m glad I followed him into the Marines.

In your military record it states you served as a Royal Marine Commando. Could you elaborate on the kinds of duties this entails?

My main role was that of a sniper within a reconnaissance troop. Without getting too technical it means I have an expertise in weapons, field craft and observation – so knowledge of distances, terrain, that kind of thing. As a Marine I worked in extreme environments and was deployed to Iraq in 2003. During one of my tours I worked with the Commandos rifle company and was part of a two man team.

Throughout your book you show us many different sides of your personality. What do you believe is your biggest trait others love about you?

I’d like to think it’s my sense of humour, but I guess it would be my focus. My team mates usually send me in to get a lay of the land, often to observe from afar, because they like to get my perspective on things. It feels good to have their trust.

One of the main reasons you are at the center of much of the action is your role in the agency Morgan and Fairchild. How exactly did you come to work there?

Kelvin Fairchild is Butch’s cousin, so we go way back. I served with Brad Morgan, was assigned to one of his teams, and I have a lot of respect for them both. When they created the agency and asked me to come on board, I jumped at the chance.

There is a tight family bond between you and your team at Morgan and Fairchild. What do you believe they would say about you if given a chance?

Ellen would have something derogatory to say, something old school – like I couldn’t fight my way out of a paper bag! She’s like a kid sister and she’s made tormenting me her life’s work. I’m sure my ‘spidey-sense’ would be mentioned, the guys like to ride me about that. Justin, the youngest member of our team, he’s like my conscience. He’s the voice in my ear, literally most of the time, and he thinks I need to loosen up!

Interview provided by: Kathryn Jenkins


Jonathan Jukes, better known as JJ, is an ex-marine sniper and one of the founding members of Morgan and Fairchild.

He is dubbed as Mr Fix It within the team, due to his eye for detail and an uncanny ability to see the bigger picture. When Morgan and Fairchild are called upon by the local murder investigation team, JJ is ready to take the lead.

Despite the deviation from his normal role, JJ sees no reason why he shouldn’t accept the assignment. It isn’t the first time he’s worked with Charles Macavoy, nor will it be the last.

But what starts as a simple task to provide expertise and training to an outside agency, becomes the biggest problem JJ has ever faced.

Grace Jameson, an interpreter unwillingly caught up in the hunt to find a killer, turns out to be an integral part of the whole investigation. Something Morgan and Fairchild had failed to predict.

For JJ she represents a special kind of danger. She reminds him too much of his past, of the one person he failed to protect. Yet he is drawn to her, and that distraction has a way of undermining his control. It has the potential to change everything, especially when he finds himself in a situation he can’t fix. A threat which grows ever more potent the more he resists.

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