Thursday, November 27, 2014

Character Interview w/ Susannah McElvogue

Susannah, you have a strong military background serving as a Royal Engineer. How did you find yourself working at the Morgan and Fairchild agency?

Kelvin likes to tell people he stole me away, but the moment I heard he was setting up with Bradley, I set my sights on running the show. They are the kind of men you follow, it’s just how it is. 

There are plenty of bizarre personalities that make up the team at Morgan and Fairchild. Do you have a curtain team member that you prefer the most out of all of them? In other words who is your favorite?

I’m not sure I’d describe them as bizarre, but some of the situations we find ourselves in are a little out of the ordinary, so it takes a certain personality type, sure. As for favourites, I love all my boys, and girls, for that matter. They each have their strengths and weaknesses and I know how to play to them. Choosing between them would be like choosing a limb to remove – it’s not going to happen.

Plenty of your days are spent slaving away on your work. Do you ever find yourself with free time to spare with friends?

We’re family so when we’re not working we’re usually together. In the beginning when we were bringing the agency together Brad, Kelvin, JJ and I had an unspoken rule that we would gather in our free time and check in. They were impromptu get togethers, you could almost say we had a six sense about the time and place. There are more of us now, but we still make an effort to continue the tradition.

Would you say there is a strong bond between you and Detective Charles Macavoy? If so, do you ever plan on acting on it?

There’s something about Charlie, or Mac as Justin likes to call him. He has this energy, an almost tangible force. To me, he’s like chocolate; sweet and forbidden and impossible to deny!

There is plenty of evidence in, Hands of Evil, that you are a woman that speaks her mind. Has there ever been a time you weren’t so out spoken?

I grew up in a house full of boys and then adopted five more, so it’s a case of speaking up or not getting heard. 

Interview provided by: Kathryn Jenkins


Jonathan Jukes, better known as JJ, is an ex-marine sniper and one of the founding members of Morgan and Fairchild.

He is dubbed as Mr Fix It within the team, due to his eye for detail and an uncanny ability to see the bigger picture. When Morgan and Fairchild are called upon by the local murder investigation team, JJ is ready to take the lead.

Despite the deviation from his normal role, JJ sees no reason why he shouldn’t accept the assignment. It isn’t the first time he’s worked with Charles Macavoy, nor will it be the last.

But what starts as a simple task to provide expertise and training to an outside agency, becomes the biggest problem JJ has ever faced.

Grace Jameson, an interpreter unwillingly caught up in the hunt to find a killer, turns out to be an integral part of the whole investigation. Something Morgan and Fairchild had failed to predict.

For JJ she represents a special kind of danger. She reminds him too much of his past, of the one person he failed to protect. Yet he is drawn to her, and that distraction has a way of undermining his control. It has the potential to change everything, especially when he finds himself in a situation he can’t fix. A threat which grows ever more potent the more he resists.

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