Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gem of Alismar by Matthew Frassetti

Dragon Knight Chronicles
A Knights’ Passage
2013 Contest Winners and Judges
Published by Dragon Knight Chronicles
First Printing: Summer of 2014
Canine Prompt
Gem of Alismar by Matthew Frassetti
A story of one man, Abriel, and his ally, Razul’s, strong dedications and pain in trying to conquer the quest of the Demon King, Samael. Will the two make it to the cave? Will Abriel be able to go through the trials to win his love, Elise, back from Samael?
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At the time of publication, Matthew Frassetti, author of Gem of Alismar, was a student at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida studying creative writing. He was, also, a contributor for Gematsu.com; writing articles featured on games and video games.

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