Friday, December 12, 2014

Holiday Special on Tours


Dragon Knight Chronicles is excited about our new year especially with the launching of our Dragon Knight's Book Promotional site. In order to celebrate its launch in January and the holiday we are doing a special deal till December 31st.

The Special is as Follows:

Authors or Small Publishers can book any amount of tours in the month of December that can be used throughout the year. If the bundles fall into our number categories you will receive a bonus discount so make sure to ask about these.

Our Blitz tours will be 20% off any number you wish.

The Full Week Tours will be 35% off any number you wish.

Also check out the awesome gift certificates at the bottom of our site on each page. If you don't need the tour just think about giving a certificate to your author friend and they can double that up with the discount for a special holiday gift.

To book your tour go here

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Gift Certificates
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