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Interview #2 w/ Renee Scattergood

Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written.

I am Renee Scattergood. I'm currently living in Australia with my husband, Nathan, and daughter, Taiya. We also have two cats, Anakin and Padme, and two guinea pigs, Prince and Sith. I have currently written four episodes in my Shadow Stalker series, which at this point is likely to be about twenty-four episodes long.

What are you working on now?

I'm currently working on Demon Hunt, which is a prequel novella to my Shadow Stalker series. It's a story about a camping trip that Kado and Auren take the year before the start of the series that goes awry when Auren accidentally releases a demon from the shadow world.

How do you come up with the titles for your books? Do you find it difficult?

Sometimes the title just pops into my head as I'm writing. If I don't have a title by the time I'm done with the first draft, I know I'm going to have a hard time with it. Generally I will try to get my story description down to one sentence and try to find a title that describes that.

What inspires you to write?

My overactive imagination. I need to get it out of my head somehow. :-D

Are you an outliner or a seat of the pants writer?

I am definitely an outliner. I didn't start out at way. At first I would just write and see what happened, but I found that when I did that, half way through the book I would end up going off on a tangent that had nothing to do with plot. Now I do a basic outline where I write about one paragraph for each chapter, which is easy enough to change if I come up with another idea or decide to take something out.

How do you interact with your characters while you are writing?

When I'm writing, I generally visualize everything as though it's a movie playing in my head. I let the characters take on a life of their own and I write what I see them doing.

How did you decide how to publish your books?

I've always known I wanted to self-publish. I have a very entrepreneurial spirit and I prefer to be my own "boss". For me, having a publisher would be too much like having a boss telling me what to do. I love learning about the publishing industry, marketing and everything else. So it makes sense to me to do it this way.

Is there a genre that you've been wanting to experiment with? If so, what is it and what attracts you to it?

I wouldn't mind trying dark fantasy. In fact, one of the novels I've got planned for release in late 2015 is going to be dark fantasy. I don't know if I will every stray far from fantasy is my writing, but I think it would be fun to write something dark and scary.

What fears do you have about writing and being an indie author? How do you cope with your fears?

Not long ago I had a fear of success. I was afraid that if I succeeded my life would become too overwhelming, and I wouldn't be able to meet the demands of being a successful writer. I don't worry about that so much anymore. I wouldn't consider myself to be successful yet, but now that I'm doing it, I understand the process more. I feel more confident with my abilities.

Do you have anything specific you'd like to say to your readers?

Thanks for reading, and thanks for all your support! I really hope you enjoy Episode 4.

Interview provided by: Kathryn Jenkins


The storms on the Dark Isle can be deadly. Kado and Auren find shelter to wait it out in relative safety, but little do they know another storm is about to descend upon them.


Auren meets, Etan, a young shadow stalker in her uncle's village, and they experience an immediate and deep connection. As far as she is concerned, she's old enough to pursue a relationship with whoever she wants, but the shadow stalkers live by different rules. Auren learns that her love for Etan is forbidden, and pursuing it can lead to dire consequences.

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About the Author

Renee Scattergood 

Renee Scattergood lives in Australia with her husband, Nathan, and daughter, Taiya. She was inspired to become a story-teller by George Lucas, but didn't start considering writing down her stories until she reached her late twenties. Now she enjoys writing high fantasy, and has recently began publishing her first series, Shadow Stalker. Aside from writing, she loves reading (Fantasy, of course), watching movies with her family, and doing crafts and science experiments with her daughter.

How to Connect 

Check Renee out on her: Website, Blog, Author Page, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn

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