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Melkorka by Joshua Robertson "Cover Reveal"

We have a special treat for everyone that follows along with Dragon Knight's Book Promotion's events. Today we are doing a special cover reveal for Joshua Robertson and his soon to be released novel Melkorka. Check out this awesome interview and a little bit about the book & the author behind it.

Cover Reveal Interview with Joshua Robertson

What inspired the overall design of your cover?

The emblem on the front of the cover is the mirror image of the symbol of the Sun God in Melkorka. This is the most revered god during the events of the novel. I wanted a simple image for the theme behind the Thrice Nine Legends series. I could not be more pleased with the final outcome.

How many designers did you consider before you decided on Winter Bayne?

Crimson Edge has a handful of talented designers for covers and artwork. Honestly, we went through nearly ten diverse designs before settling on the current cover concept. The other options depicted different characters and scenes. Winter Bayne simply had a vision that encapsulated the overall story and it could be carried over into future novels in this series.

How did you come up with your title, “MELKORKA”?

Melkorka is the name of the castle that serves as the start of this tale. The word itself has some meaning, found in the thirteenth century Icelandic tale, Laxdaela saga. Laxdaela saga makes mention of Melkorka an Irish princess that was taken as a slave and pretended to be mute, hiding her identity, only to reveal later that there was more to her than what was on the surface. In many ways, Melkorka is a story that echoes the complexity in legend, suggesting to the reader that there is more than what appears on the surface. It seemed fitting for the first book in Thrice Nine Legends.

What genre does “MELKORKA”  fall into?

Melkorka is found in the dark fantasy genre. One should expect to find these memorable characters facing gruesome scenes of violence and barbarity, while seeking something greater than themselves.

Can you tell us a bit about the writing process you took for your first novel?

This novel was peculiar to write. It took a little under thirty days to write the rough draft. I scribbled a few brief thoughts on paper, including the overall plot synopsis, and then I just wrote. It was like I had an idea in my head and had to get it out on paper. Besides that, I kept my coffee pot full at all times.

What inspired the novel “MELKORKA” and its creation?

The sequel to Melkorka, Dyndaer, has been written and rewritten repeatedly over the past decade. In ten years, I have scrapped Dyndaer many times in frustration that I could get the story exactly how I wanted it. Then, I woke up one morning in December 2013 from an inspirational dream that presented the core to the story. Lo and behold, Melkorka was created, giving birth to the rest of the story. Fans should expect Dyndaer in 2016.

About Melkorka

Kaelandur was forged by the Highborn to slay one of their own, Nedezhda Mager. As their slave, Branimir Baran never thought to question his cruel masters until he is forced to take part in the execution. His actions begin a chain of events that will lead him to confront demons, cannibals, and himself as he is forced to question his own morality and the true meaning of good and evil.

About Joshua Robertson

Joshua began crafting the world for Melkorka in 1999, and has since continued writing flash fiction, short stories, poems, children’s books, and epic fantasy novels. Joshua is the author of the transitional children’s book, Bo Bunny and the Trouble. He is also the co-creator of the fantasy tabletop game, Thrice Nine Legends, due to be released in 2015. Joshua currently lives in Alaska with his wife and children.

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