Friday, January 2, 2015

Fiction Friday #25 (Demon Hunt Excerpt)-Reblogged

Excerpt From


By Renee Scattergood

Auren braced herself as they started their descent. Everything was going smoothly until they reached the bottom and the canoe lurched, sending her flying forward. Somehow she twisted her body and in the same motion reached her paddle toward Kado, who instinctively grabbed it and anchored her to the canoe. Although landing in the water might have been more ideal than having her body slam into the unyielding wooden base of the canoe. Air was forced from her lungs as though she had been kicked in the gut.

“We’re in calmer waters,” Kado said.

“I hadn’t noticed.” Actually she had noticed the ride down the river had smoothed considerably, but the humor in his tone inveigled a sarcastic response.

He chuckled.

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