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“A Patusian master trader on an intergalactic mission awakens to discover that his space vessel is missing and his eyes and ears are gone. Only gaping holes remain where his nose and mouth had been. In place of his main senses he has inexplicably gained the power of telepathy, which he must harness as his only defense against the ferocious and highly evolved aliens, the drogan Kin, who immediately begin hunting him for food.
Maranth, a stunningly beautiful young doctor, is briefed about the depravities of sex, violence and intoxication before she leaves her cultured home planet, Veddi, to begin practicing medicine at an off-world mine. But when savage Afthari raiders attack the mine and enslave Maranth, she finds herself in a world frighteningly different from the perfect, structured society in which she was raised.

Against all odds, the Trader finds his way to the Afthari raider camp and uses his newfound telepathy to communicate with Maranth, the only kind soul he encounters there. Together, they embark on a daring journey to return home.”


The Trader: Man with No Face” By R.K. Mann is a freaky sci- fi thrill read. I mean that in a good way!

We first meet The Man with No Face, as he refers to himself, after he ends up on a planet and realises he has no face - not even ears! He meets these crazy telepathic bird creatures who like human blood, so he is immediately hunted as their main course. A strange thing happens though. He can read minds, and they can hear him!

Next we are on the mining colony Addehut, where we meet Meddoc Maranth who gets kidnapped, sold into slavery by the Afthar Radiers, and then taken to their camp to be their doctor. What? What does this have to do with The Man with No Face? Don’t worry - it all comes together as these two characters’ lives intertwine. A daring adventure ensues. Lessons get learned.  Lessons like, there are some things out there greater than ourselves.

The Man with No Face character is very enigmatic. Even without a face, he is an alluring character. You are instantly drawn to him and his odd connections to the bird-like alien creatures that are trying to eat him. You even start to like these killer creatures too, as he makes a limited truce with them to help their dying species. He also is a Trader by profession, so it makes sense for him to be alluring.

 Maranth, on the other hand, is a blossoming character. Coming off a bit uptight, her escapades, and meeting The Man with No Face open her up, which changes her character dramatically. In fact every character in the book changes in some way.

Overall Thoughts

Overall science fiction is not my normal read. I enjoy sci- fiction don’t get me wrong. I normally watch it, not READ it. Challenging myself to read something out of my comfort zone I found myself slipping deeper and deeper into the book. I loved how the two main characters started out separate and then got interwoven into an engrossing story. This is a book I want to add to my book shelf.

About the Author: R.K. Mann began her full-time work life as an economist, then computer consultant in NY. Later, her hobby screenplay became Vestron’s Backtrack (Catchfire), starring Jodie Foster and Dennis Hopper. She was Associate Producer of the comedy Round Numbers, starring Kate Mulgrew, Marty Ingles, and Samantha Eggar. She also co-wrote the novel, Catchfire, which was published in several languages other than English. The Trader is her first solo novel. 

A few years ago. R.K. Mann moved back to her native Florida. She is a lifelong sheller and a more recent kayaker.

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