Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Grimm Chronicles: Pretty Things ~Book Review

The Grimm Chronicles
Pretty Things
By: Christine Haggerty


When Maddie's father catches her with a boy, he hauls her into town in a pig wagon and finds her a husband. But Peter's cabin in the woods promises something very different than Maddie's happily ever after.

Pretty Things, a retelling of "The Robber Bridegroom," is the first novella in the Grimm Chronicles series. Warning: not your granny's fairytales!


Christine Haggerty takes a jab at The Grimm’s fairytale “The Robber Bridegroom”. She retells the story in a twisted new light, giving a new breath of life into this old fairytale. Just remember folks this is not the same fairytale you are all use too!

Maddie is by far one of the biggest brats you will come to see. Thanks to a mother that passed when she was young in child birth she was raised alone by her father the Miller. He did what any loving father would do…spoiled her rotten.

Her world gets thrown upside down when her father witnesses an event that drives him to the brink. Maddie then is put on the fast track to growing up as she faces evils she never thought possible.

Haggerty leads you into a tale of darkness, fear, sorrow and triumph. The tale itself stands on its own well and even though it is a retelling Haggerty has done a fantastic job making this tale her own. 

Strongly recommended to those that love dark fantasy, a hint of romance and watching a spoiled girl grow up in the face of fear and death. It is a page turner that you will re-read over and over again.


Review provided by: Kathryn Jenkins

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About the Author

Christine Haggerty

Christine Nielson Haggerty grew up in rural Utah with three brothers, a sister, several chickens, a goat, and an outhouse. She always loved the escape of fantasy and the art of writing, and her passion for life is to craft stories of strength and survival.

As a former high school language arts teacher and a black belt in karate, Christine has found a niche in combining those skills to help authors write effective fight scenes. 

An award-winning young adult author, she is now launching her dark fantasy fairytale novella series The Grimm Chronicles

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