12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

Day 1 December 12th--Renee Scattergood

One winner will receive an eBook Box Set of Shadow Stalker Episode 1-4
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Day 2 December 13th--Raani York

Three winners will receive an eBook copy of "Dragonbride"

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Day 3 December 14th--Allison D. Reid

Three winners-Three Prizes: 1st winner will receive a print copy of "Journey to Aviad", 2nd winner will receive an eBook copy of "Journey to Aviad", and the 3rd winner will receive a complimentary Short Story edit up to 1,500 words

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Day 4 December 15th--M.J. Moores

Three winner can win an eBook copy of "Time's Tempest: The Lost Chapters (prequel stories)", "Time's Tempest: The Chronicles of Xannia Part One", or will have a form of there name featured in The Chronicles of Xannia Part 2

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Day 5 December 16th--DKC (Kathryn Jenkins)

5 Winners will get the chance to double up on winnings in this giveaway. The first two winners will receive a $15 Gift Certificate to Dragon Knight's Book Promotions on a tour service of their choice. The next two winners will receive a $20 Gift Certificate to a tour service of their choosing. The last winner will receive a $30 Gift Certificate to a tour service of their choice.
Each of the 5 winners will also receive a eBook copy of DKC #1 Anthology "A Knights' Passage" authored by: Kathryn Jenkins, DKC's 2013 Judges & Contest Winners

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Day 6 December 17th--Quan Williams

10 lucky winners will win GODMODE's exclusive soundtrack...if you are a fan of Scifi Horror this soundtrack is for you.

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Day 7 December 18th--Jan Marie

One lucky winner will win a copy of "Angelic Confessions" by Jan Marie in Print or Ebook. The winner will also receive a special writing service with Jan Marie herself.

Day 8 December 19th--Sophie Ann Russell

One lucky winner will walk away with this beautiful hand drawn calendared, created by author Sophie Ann Russell herself.

Day 9 December 20th--Melissa Barker-Simpson

Three books, three winners...enter to get a copy of Melissa's newly released scifi novel "The Fifth Watcher", or her Mystery/Romance novels "Hands of Evil" & "Sins of the Father".

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Day 10 December 21st--Cheri Schmidt

One lucky winner can walk away from this giveaway the proud owner of Danielle's Glass Pearl Necklace as mentioned in Cheri's novels "Fateful" and "Fractured". This beautiful piece is handcrafted and is by extraordinary. 

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Day 11 December 22nd--Tara C. Allred

Two winners will receive a signed copy of Tara C. Allred's novel "Unauthorized Letters" or "Sanders Starfish"...this special giveaway will give a treasure for years to come.

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Day 12 December 23rd--The Book Stalker

5 winners will get to choose one book of their choice off of "The Book Stalker's" Website. This means any author any title is up for grabs. Check out the possibilities here.

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