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Angelic Confessions Book Interview

Angelic Confessions, is an interesting read. How did you come up with your characters? Were they inspired by people you know or met?

Thank you. Everyone says, “It’s an interesting read.” I guess that is good.  My characters come from my dreams actually, and some were inspired from the angels of religion such as Archangels: Raphael, Michael, Uriel, Gabriel.

The main creatures that appeared in your novella were angels. Can you tell us a bit about the research you had to do to get into the mind set to write about these wonderful beings?

Well growing up in a religious household I knew a bit about angels, but of course I wanted to expand on that showing they were not so perfect and flawless. I researched into the mythology of angels. Google was a big help. I even read some of  book of Enoch. Mostly though it all came from me. What if everything we believe about them was wrong? What if they were a bit just like us.

You created a new kind of angelic being in your novella, Angelic Confessions. Can you tell us how this creature came to you for you to create it?

The idea came from the story of the Watchers and the Nephilim. I just kind of flip the script on it with a stick of dynamite. I also went on the theory of ying and yang. There are angels of light what about angels of dark? I didn’t want them to be angels that fell from heaven in all that. I wanted it be different. I then tossed in what if an angel of dark or chaos was created. What if they bred with an angel of light? Viola!

Your novella had a very beautiful flow of writing. It is completely different than what many authors do today. Would you tell us why you decided to do this form of writing?

This was not an easy task either. I drove some editors nuts. Lost a few as well. I was like no, no, no! That is the way it’s supposed to be! The method to my madness was my characters were angels. They did not speak like you and me.

The cover design for your novella is gorgeous. Who was it that designed your cover?

I did! I used Create~Space cover designer. I again would like to send a shout out thank you to the artist who created the photo that I used.

The hardest obstacle for young writers is planning there novels. Can you give us insight into how you outlined your novella?

I am one of those crazy free spirit writers who doesn't outline anything. I learned how to do it, but it just never suited me. I just write letting the characters take over and write their story. I never know how the story is going to end. Only when I write it do I know. I will say it first started out in script format to be a graphic novel. It then transitioned into being a book. I still dream of it being a graphic novel though.

What made you decide to create a romantic novella over another genre? Do you have a passion for romance or did the characters speak to you?

The characters spoke to me. I really hate romance novels actually! Though I do enjoy paranormal romance novels. So I guess I like my romance with a spice of supernatural. That is what I created.

When you sold your first Angelic Confessions, how did you feel?

I was like a teenage fan girl at a One Direction concert. EEEEEEE! I jumped up and down with my son saying mommy sold her first copy!!! My son then proceeds to ask, “Are we rich now!”

How can your readers find your novella, Angelic Confessions?

You can find it on Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, and on the official website Angelic Confessions

Can you give us a sweet little teaser for Book 2 to wet our appetites?

Okay here is your tease. 
     “If you were an angel of heaven, would you fall from heaven for the woman you love? If it were only that simple.” ~Pio

Interview provided by: Kathryn Jenkins


Even Angels sin so let us listen to Angelic Confessions.

Aye is an angel born unto one of highest angels of the heavenly council. Having never had this happen before Father raises Aye as his own making her believe she was created just like the rest of her angelic brethren, well except for the voices that whispered to her to kill them all. Aye would never, but she can not deny the thought, the sight of their blood on her skin, her lips is thrillingly tempting. What is she really? Why does everyone look at her with either disgust or lustful interest?

Aye’s world changes at the behest of Father that she have a guardian. Surprised it is the soldier Pio that Aye had befriend as a child. Soon their relationship changes. Discovered in heaven is a betrayer, and Aye is the center of this all.

Buy Angelic Confessions at: Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes & Noble

About the Author:

Jan Marie is a Freelance writer/Single mom of 3, and now add Author to her list.
Impressively self taught in the writing arts Jan Marie worked her way up in the harsh publishing world meeting mentors, teachers,  esteem writers and authors along the way as she created a name for herself in the publishing world. She also writes under the name Janny C.

Angelic Confessions is an magical, and enthralling romantic tale with many layers. At first glance it is a romantic tale, but also has a message of battling our demons within.
Connect with Jan:

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