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Author Interview w/ Mishka Jenkins

Many people in the world spend countless amounts of time writing in a year. But, many never deem to have their work published. What inspired you to publish your first book?

I was at a point in my life where I could either get a job in an office or I could pursue the dream I had harboured for years. Thankfully, I was in the very lucky position to be able to choose the latter.

As an author you must find inspiration to write a story. Can you tell us what your muse is and why?

Ah, that’s a toughie! I think everyone draws their inspiration from so many places, I know I do. A lot of the time I get the best inspiration from the world around me, from a simple conversation between strangers to an advertisement I see in a magazine.

You have a productive writing life between the several books you had published and maintaining your blog. Do you ever find yourself fighting for balance among your busy schedule?

It is difficult to find a balance between the two. Being active on social media is a must for most authors, so I have to make sure I dedicate enough time to it, whilst not forgetting the main focus of my career- the writing!

What inspired you to become an author? Were you influenced by an author or by your family?

I’ve been writing since I can remember. Being creative is something I have loved since childhood, and has been actively encouraged by my family. I wanted to draw comics and graphic novels originally, but found writing to be a form of story telling much more suited for my impatient side.

On your blog you state that you use different techniques in your writing. Can you tell us more about the techniques you use?

It seems to change with every new book I write!

For example, my first book, Stolen Bloodline, which is a paranormal romance, I used the ‘pantser’ method, where I just went with the flow, writing scenes as I thought of them. 

But in my second book, The Queen’s Jester, which is a fantasy historical romance, I used a really, really detailed plan where I bullet pointed every scene that was going to happen and what the characters were feeling and how they’d progressed at that point in the story.

Did you master these different techniques do to your branching out into many sub-genre catergories besides romance?

Definitely. For me I find it much easier to tackle a new sub-genre when I come at it from a different style, then it really means my head views each one much different from the last story I wrote.

With your books expanding beyond just a typical romance book, could you tell us about the different sub-genres you have written? And among them which was the most challenging for you to accomplish?

I have written in paranormal, historical, fantasy and am currently writing contemporary. And I have to say that contemporary is the one I find the most challenging, which was a surprise to me! But it’s been great fun to tackle that challenge and learn so much from it.

Tell us about your latest release, Prophecy of Stones? What do we expect to find in this masterpiece of yours?

It’s a tale of three people involved in a prophecy, and how each one deals with being part of this destiny. Not only is it a romance, but it’s also a fantasy adventure with magic and fun throughout.

Did you face any challenges writing your newest book, Prophecy of Stones?

Probably the most challenging part was writing the fight scenes. I love a good fight scene! But I had to make sure and keep them long enough to give the feel of danger, yet also short enough that it wouldn’t bore readers. Finding the balance was rather tough, but I think I managed it in the end.

You have a blurb up on your website for, Prophecy of Stones, from its contents it gives off a tremendous adventure. Will this novel possibly be apart of a series? If so, could you tell us how many books we should expect?

There’s no plan to make it part of a series. I am a big fan of stand-alone stories, ones that resolve within one book. But then, I do love to readng series myself, so maybe one day I will try my hand at it!

In your blurb you mention that there are three champions. Can you tell us more about them and the roles they will play throughout the book?

The three champions are Kai, Riff, and Milana.

Kai is a young boy of fourteen who has lived an incredibly sheltered life brought up by the Council. So when he is given the chance to finally get out into the world and fulfil his destiny as a hero, he is all for it!

As the adventure progresses, Kai learns that reading about adventures in books is much different to living one, and that the people he’d been excited about sharing in the prophecy with aren’t exactly what he envisioned.

Riff and Milana are a little different. They are older and have gone through much- together and alone. They are also tied by a bond of love that is destined within the prophecy, and one of them is not so keen to fulfil that part.

You also mention in your blurb about a scribe and his bond mate. Could you tell us more about these two and if they will be playing a giant role throughout your book?

Otto and Cosmas are bond mates, tied in a bond of love. They were actually my favourite characters to write because they were a representation of what Riff and Milana could be.

They are both wiser than the others, and keen to help their friends fulfil the prophecy so as they can start a family and live a life of their own, without the threat of the evil that looms over their world.

The overly sarcastic oracle is very interesting. Could you tell us more about this oracle and their main purpose throughout the book?

Oh, Sindrin was great fun to write! He is a character that can’t keep his mouth shut and has a witty comeback to any comment thrown his way.

He has been asked to join the group due to his ability to sense and, sometimes see, the future. Though it’s not a gift he enjoys having.

What genres does your book, Prohpecy of Stones, fall into?

I always find it hard to categorise. I would say fantasy for definite, but overall it’s definitely a fantasy, adventure, romance.

Who was the designer of your cover? And How did you go about coming up with its vision?

I actually designed and created the cover myself, along with all of my others. When I came up with this story, I already knew I wanted the cover to be simple, the title looking like it was carved out of stone. It suited the fantasy feel of the book, but also looked intriguing to those who picked it up.

What inspired your latest book, Prophecy of Stones? 

It was actually reading other books and watching movies where the characters that are destined to become ‘great ones’ never want to be part of that destiny. They always rebel against being part of a prophecy.

It got me thinking about a character that really enjoyed being part of a prophecy, who really wanted to become a hero. That’s where Kai came from. Then I wanted to pair him against a character who didn’t want to be part of the prophecy, and see how they got along.

Do you have any characters in your book that are featured off of real people you know?

I don’t think so. I really try and stay away from basing characters on real people, as I always worry those people will know!

If you had the chance to talk to a potential reader. What would you say to make them want to purchase your book? 

If you’re looking for something exciting, fun, and full of adventure and romance, then this is the book for you, no matter what age you are or what interests you have!

You have several books out their for your readers. Can you tell us more about each and where they can find your work?

Stolen Bloodline is a paranormal romance and my first book. It is about a war between vampires of another realm and a race of humans called Guardians in our world, and a girl trapped in the middle of it!

The Queen’s Jester is a fantasy, medieval-based romance. A new Queen finds her dreams a romantic marriage to the man she loves much duller then expected. So, when the new court jester begins giving her the attention she craves, she can’t resist. But it soon becomes obvious that he’s much more dangerous then he seems.

Heart of the Arena is a historical romance featuring gladiators and Rome, specifically Pompeii. It is the tale of a woman thrust into the world of gladiators where, disguised as a man, she must find a way to survive whilst also learning to conceal her heart’s desire.

My work can be found at, and Barnes and Noble, along with most other book retailers.

What should we expect to see throughout your future as a writer? What are your goals and hopes that we should watch to see blossom into light?

I am hoping to take on a range of new sub-genres in my romance writing, so keep an eye out for what I tackle next!

My hopes and goals are to keep writing and hope that readers find my stories engaging enough to try out my other books, and maybe venture into new genres they wouldn’t normally try because they trust my writing enough.

Interview provided by: Kathryn Jenkins & Debra Mauldin

Check Mishka out on her social media sites to show your support for her work: FacebookTwitterGoodreadsTumblr, and Pinterest

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