Friday, November 28, 2014

Character Interview w/ Jutaya Fyce

What were your feelings, when the mission first began, toward the people you traveled with through the deserts?

What a pack of idiots. I mean, we’re taught our whole lives to stay away from the Deserts – what in Zola’s name could have possibly been going though their heads to agree to such a fool-hardy mission – nothing, that’s what! To this day I firmly believe that they lost a grip on all their faculties. I honestly don’t know what Dezmind said to get them to set aside such culturally resonant fear, but he did it.

Why did you want your best friend, Zaith, to come along on the mission?

It’s not so much that I wanted her to come (okay maybe that was part of it) but more that I expected her to come. She was so caught up in this Spoken Truth crap that even she fell for Dezmind’s spell – then again, she never could let a lead go cold and this was one heck of a story. Besides, other than Merik the others in the Kahn-lea were blinded by Dezmind’s beliefs and even Merik was willing to set aside commonsense just to be able to write something ‘new’ poetically. He was his own kind of crazy… I just wanted familiar crazy – Zaith would have kept me sane.

During the trek through the Deserts, you relied heavily on your research of M. Doire. What can you tell us about him?

The man was methodical. His attention to detail when tracking his progress and his findings rivaled my own. It was almost like he was searching for something or sending a message in his notes – you can survive. It resonated with me and gave me hope. This was a man I could rely on.

You were a strong believer in the Kronik. When did you begin to become disillusioned with your beliefs?

Growing up I bought into the rhetoric and dogma with ease but what made it so easy to trust the Kronik was knowing that I wouldn’t have survived on my own without the institutions it put in place. Working in the Zerillitite Mines was bad for my health and bone-drudgingly weary but it gave me hope and a sense of purpose that was only fulfilled when I joined the CTF and actually excelled in the programs. I had no reason not to trust my government – until I met Zaith. She showed me that it was possible to still revere “the man” but admit that sometimes he made mistakes. That was huge and I wanted to be a part of it.

Interview provided by: Debra Mauldin


A loyal and dedicated government contractor extraordinaire, learns of the fate
of the planet while on a top-secret job working as a lab tech for a disreputed scientist.

A Talian government dissenter who claims the only way to save their dying world
is to trust a set of ancient documents lost long ago in the forbidding Deserts.

A reporter covering the story of a lifetime following a lead that could mean more
than breaking the biggest story to hit the planet since the Nine Seas Massacre.

Fate, destiny and truth collide with 2000 year old secrets the government will do anything to keep buried. When Taya is forced to accept a contract that will be a death sentence for anyone involved, she unwittingly becomes a catalyst in a game she never wanted to play. As she leads a false prophet and his followers on a mission doomed from the start, she learns far more about herself and her world than she ever thought possible.

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