Friday, November 28, 2014

Shadow Stalker: The Delohi-saqu's Fate (E2) Book Review

Episode 2 of Shadow Stalker The Delohi-saqu’s Fate, is truly an amazing fantasy story that holds an interesting mentor and apprentice relationship. Scattergood shows off her mysterious new fantasy creature (shadow stalker), with action and creativity that is truly all her own. 

Episode 2, takes place on the Dark Isle, the home of the shadow stalkers. On the island Kado begins Auren’s training in how to use her shadow stalker abilities; through a series of deadly lessons. After, each lesson Auren learns new information about her abilities and what Kado has done to protect her over the years.

The relationship between Auren and Kado is an interesting one. Auren plays the role of a strong female lead who has to take in a lot of new information and does fairly well. She does fall victim to her emotions on occasion though. While, Kado plays the role of the strict, but caring mentor. He has many secrets that he keeps from Auren that make him feel conflicted and she feels confused, do to his inability to express himself appropriately.

I would have to strongly state that, Shadow Stalker The Delohi’s Fate, is definitely worth the read. But, just in case you’re not aware, episode 1, The Hidden Truth, is free to download at And if the word free doesn’t get your attention then here is a review supplied by my fellow DKC Team-member Kathryn Jenkins.  I’m sure that you’ll enjoy reading them just as much as I did, and become hungry for episode 3 next month. 

Rating: 5/5

Review provided by: Daniel Wilson


The Galvadi Empire is overtaking the Serpent Isles, but the Council of Elders refuses to allow the shadow stalkers to go to their aid. If the Coalition loses the war, it could lead to the shadow stalker's ultimate demise. Only the Foramar can override the council's decision, but Auren's father, Zain, is the Galvadi's prisoner.
Meanwhile, Auren has begun her training on the Dark Isle by being tricked into a dark abyss. She is forced to face the power of the shadow world in order to free herself from the darkness. However, the torrent of her emotions attracts the attention of a demon, one of the deadly guardians of the world of the dead.
Auren manages to survive the encounter, but now the Council of Elders is conspiring against her. The only way she can stop their corruption is by rescuing her father, but if she leaves Kado would become a deadly enemy. The Dark Isle was supposed to be her refuge, but it is rapidly becoming her prison.

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About the Author:

Renee Scattergood

Renee Scattergood is the author of the YA Fantasy series, Shadow Stalker. She lives in Australia with her husband, Nathan, their daughter, Taiya, and their four furry friends. She prefers to spend her free time with her family and reading fantasy novels.

How To Connect:

Check Renee out on her: WebsiteBlogAuthor PageGoogle+FacebookTwitter,  & Linkedin

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