Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Character Interview w/ Grace Jameson

You face many trials over the years from childhood to adult life. Can you tell us which challenge was the hardest for you to face?

The hardest challenge, without doubt, was leaving my husband. I was terrified. I didn’t know where to go, or even if I would survive. I only knew that if I’d stayed he would have killed me sooner or later.

Throughout your books you come to inherit some very strong friends in Charlie and Derek. Could you tell us how you met each and, what your first impression was for the both of them?

I don’t think I could survive without either of them. We don’t often get to choose our family, but I chose mine and I know how fortunate I am. I like to think we were drawn together through a mutual need. Derek lost his sister, my best friend at the time, when we were still in High School. He adopted me as his own pretty soon after that, and Charlie came as part of the package!

Charlie always teased me in the beginning. He liked to pretend he didn’t want me around. But I knew he didn’t mean it, because it felt different to when my father said it. I suddenly had two big brothers who I knew instinctively would protect me and I behaved like any younger sister would – I followed them around and bugged the hell out of them!

In Hands of Evil, you find yourself with a strong support network. How do you think you would have fared if you didn’t have this through your journey?

I can’t imagine a world without my brothers, it would be a lonely, desolate place. But I’m a survivor, so I would have found a way out of the nightmare somehow. I’m not sure what that version of me would look like, I’m not even sure I want to know. Thankfully, I’ll never have to find out because there are people who see the good in others and who go that extra mile.

We have to know what you think about the members of the Morgan and Fairchild agency? After spending time with them, what are your impressions?

I liked Thomas Sellors on sight. He has a calm, soothing energy and it puts you instantly at ease. He’s the resident peace maker. Ellen Parker scared me to death the first time I met her! She likes to think she’s tough, even mean, but it’s clear how much she cares about the team. Justin is the charmer. He’s almost too handsome for his own good, but those grey eyes can’t hide his intelligence.   

You have much experience with how individuals can use their hands to inflict evil on others. With your career choice as an interpreter, do you think it is a way for you to show the good someone can give with their hands?

What a great question. I can certainly see the symbolism of it. I learned sign language when I was around ten years old, and I do remember being drawn to the visual beauty of it. Derek’s sister was Deaf and she taught me how to communicate. It was like our own secret language, something that nobody could take away from me because I was good at it. Later, Derek encouraged me to continue, and it was something we shared – our passion for the language.

Interview provided by: Kathryn Jenkins


Jonathan Jukes, better known as JJ, is an ex-marine sniper and one of the founding members of Morgan and Fairchild.

He is dubbed as Mr Fix It within the team, due to his eye for detail and an uncanny ability to see the bigger picture. When Morgan and Fairchild are called upon by the local murder investigation team, JJ is ready to take the lead.

Despite the deviation from his normal role, JJ sees no reason why he shouldn’t accept the assignment. It isn’t the first time he’s worked with Charles Macavoy, nor will it be the last.

But what starts as a simple task to provide expertise and training to an outside agency, becomes the biggest problem JJ has ever faced.

Grace Jameson, an interpreter unwillingly caught up in the hunt to find a killer, turns out to be an integral part of the whole investigation. Something Morgan and Fairchild had failed to predict.

For JJ she represents a special kind of danger. She reminds him too much of his past, of the one person he failed to protect. Yet he is drawn to her, and that distraction has a way of undermining his control. It has the potential to change everything, especially when he finds himself in a situation he can’t fix. A threat which grows ever more potent the more he resists.

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