Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Character Interview w/ Zaith

As Jutaya’s best friend, what can you tell us about her that only a best friend would know?

Ah, ha! That’s a good one but I’ll have to watch what I say, she has a way of finding out what she doesn’t need to know. Oh, here’s a gross factoid; after flossing her teeth she leaves the string draped on the side of the sink to ‘dry’ until morning. Why dry? Apparently the acid in our saliva starts to break down the compound keeping the floss together and if left in the garbage can (even one with a lid) it festers and the smell gets into her clothes and the sheets and drapes and she can’t stand the smell of herself. Thank Zola I laser floss!

What’s it like to be a lead reporter for ‘National News Now’?

It’s my dream job but it’s no walk in the park… although I did tend to do that a lot – lol! The employee-boss relationships are strained at best since the supervising producer, Toufin, just happens to be a womanizer and has had a crush on me since I started working there. The man has potential but won’t grow up. Anyway, getting to stick my nose into other people’s business is what I do best and what could be better than getting paid to do what you love?

What does Taya think about the way you ogle men? How does that make you feel?

Taya’s a bit of a prude but I don’t blame her for it. Since graduating from the CTF and earning her probation I think her stress levels are finally starting to reach normal levels. Now, I didn’t know her when she was wrapped up in the Kronik’s bosom, but from what she’s told me, the girl’s only just started to understand what it means to live. So I don’t let her narrow view limit my fun. I know where it’s coming from.

Taya is more than a little overbearing at the best of times, how was it possible to become such good friends with her in such a short period of time?

Taya and I are more alike than you know. We’re both driven women who take pride in what we do. From day one there was a level of silent respect between us that is rare to find and I don’t think that’s something she’s experienced before – no, there was that guy… what was his name? Oh, yeah – Tek. But otherwise I never got the impression she’d felt that kind of comradery and ease of self around someone. I felt sorry for her. I know, that sounds bad but it made it easy to overlook a lot of her short-comings – and if you can do that you can see what a fantastic person she is. I can only hope the same was true for her toward me.

Interview provided by: Debra Mauldin


A loyal and dedicated government contractor extraordinaire, learns of the fate
of the planet while on a top-secret job working as a lab tech for a disreputed scientist.

A Talian government dissenter who claims the only way to save their dying world
is to trust a set of ancient documents lost long ago in the forbidding Deserts.

A reporter covering the story of a lifetime following a lead that could mean more
than breaking the biggest story to hit the planet since the Nine Seas Massacre.

Fate, destiny and truth collide with 2000 year old secrets the government will do anything to keep buried. When Taya is forced to accept a contract that will be a death sentence for anyone involved, she unwittingly becomes a catalyst in a game she never wanted to play. As she leads a false prophet and his followers on a mission doomed from the start, she learns far more about herself and her world than she ever thought possible.

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