Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Decisions, Decisions by Brendan Carroll

Dragon Knight Chronicles
A Knights’ Passage
2013 Contest Winners and Judges
Published by Dragon Knight Chronicles
First Printing: Summer of 2014
Decisions, Decisions by Brendan Carroll
Bart, a cave-dwelling fairy, was on his way to visit Paddy Puffingtowne. Bart decided to sit down and enjoy smoking his pipe while he pondered which route to take to Paddy’s mound. Before he could decide, however, Paddy found him. Paddy gives Bart a shock.

Author Brendan Carroll
Brendan Carroll, born in Southeast Texas, says, ‘Writing is his life-long passion’. At the time of publication, he had 34 novels published at Amazon.com. Learn more about Brendan Carroll at: http://brendan-carroll.com/

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