Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Switched by Alexis Lantgen

Dragon Knight Chronicles
A Knights’ Passage
2013 Contest Winners and Judges
Published by Dragon Knight Chronicles
First Printing: Summer of 2014
Fairy Prompt
Switched by Alexis Lantgen
Imagine having a baby and later asking for your baby so that you can begin nursing your baby, but when they bring you your baby, it is not the baby you remember from the birthing. Not only is it not your baby, but it is an abomination! The doctor’s and nurse’s call you delusional. What would you do?

Author Alexis Lantgen
Alexis Lantgen is a musician and writer who holds a Master’s Degree in music performance from Florida International University. She has a Bachelor of Music in viola performance and a Bachelor of Arts in Letters from the University of Oklahoma.
Read more about Alexis Lantgen at: http://thewiseserpent.blogspot.com/?view=magazine

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